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Come hunt with one of Manitoba's premier, most successful outfitters, in true, remote wilderness.


Bear Track Outfitters offers you modern, comfortable 4 person guest cabins. All cabins feature hot showers, flush toilets, electric heating and air conditioning. Meals served and socializing is done in our big cabin close by.


Kyle and Cole from The Resistance TV head to Bear Track Outfitters in Manitoba, Canada and harvest their first black bears. Watch the full video!

"You made my first hunt one that I will always remember!"

Denny Millar Michigan
Manitoba Black Bear Hunting - Bear Track Outfitters - Waterfowl Hunting - Manitoba Canada

Bear Hunting

Bear hunting in Manitoba's Interlake region has long been considered one of the top destinations in the world to hunt the trophy class black bear. Countless TV shows have been produced and many articles have been written testifying to the fact that Manitoba stands on top with its bear hunting opportunities for novice and experienced big game hunters.

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